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We are expanding!


If cremation is your preference, we provide a place of reverence.

Homeland Memorial Park is Expanding!

We are the most beautiful and complete cemetery in Belize with Columbarium and enough interment spaces available for the foreseeable future.

What’s a Columbarium you ask? A Columbarium is a place for the respectful storage of urns containing the cremated remains of loved ones. It provides a unique time capsule to hold the urn and mementos of your beloved ones. Likewise, our Columbarium Garden allows you to intern the ashes of your dearly departed in a small ground crypt within our beautifully landscaped garden.

Our Columbarium Niches and Columbarium Gardens will provide an option for internment other than traditional burial crypts. Our garden area will act as a serene and tranquil environment where family and friends can visit in a very safe and aesthetic environment.

Call or Whatsapp Vania Martinez at 615-6736 for arrangements or for more information.

Our Services

  • A 1’ X 1’ X 1’ Columbarium Niche in a marble structure
  • A wide selection of Urns in wood, steel and ceramic
  • Engraved Name Plates
  • Interment Services
  • Single and Companion Niches

Interment Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be buried at Homeland Memorial Park?

Homeland welcomes people of all Faiths and Religions.

I have already contacted a funeral home. Should I contact a cemetery as well?

We encourage you to get in contact with a cemetery in addition to a funeral home. We can assist you with arranging and planning the details following a funeral service.

Why is pre-planning important?

Pre-planning and pre-payment assist in preparing and limiting the financial burden that comes along when laying to rest a loved one. You can reserve a designated area for family plots. Contact our office for more information on our payment plan schedules.

What options for interment are available?

At Homeland Memorial Park, you have a wide variety of options. There is sure something that will fit your price point and need. Visit this page to learn more about the various interment options we offer or get in touch with us at (501) 223-5513 to find out more.

How much notice needed to prepare burial plot?

Homeland Memorial requires 48 hours’ notice to prepare burial plot.

Are there extra fees for burials done on the weekend or a Holiday?

Yes, there’s a weekend/holiday burial fee.

Can another family member be buried in the same plot?

Each burial plot shall be utilized for one deceased person only.

Do I have to pay for maintenance of my family’s plot/crypt?

There are no annual perpetual care charges. Homeland Memorial’s permanent maintenance care of the cemetery is included in the package purchase price. This does not include gardening for flowers/plants planted around your family plot(s).

How can I see where a loved one is located at Homeland Memorial Park?

Visitors are welcome to ask for assistance in locating a loved one’s location at the Homeland Memorial Office. Our friendly staff will assist with block and plot number for easy location. For location information via phone, please call (501) 223-5513 or (501) 615-6736.

Call or Whatsapp Vania Martinez at 615-6736 for arrangements or for more information.